Hidamari Sketch Sae & Hiro Graduation Episode #02

Well guys and gals, it’s time for both of them sending off with a bang!

Oh, and the landlady will be there too! BTW, she’s offering both Sae and Hiro on joining the association for former Hidamari Apartment tenants, so I guess they’ll have a chance of visiting their juniors from time to time!

But anyways, this is where Hidamari Sketch ends (for the time, at least) with Sae, Hiro, and the rest of the third-year students graduating.

Yup, this includes Natsume where she didn’t confess to Sae how much she loves her. Oh Natsume, seems that you’re suddenly being sweeter on your last day!

Then again, you’ll see Sae often since your college is closer to hers, so it’s not a lost there Natsume!

Yoshinoya-sensei, on the other hand, is saddened that they’ve graduated. But the fact that Yoshinoya-sensei, thinking that both Sae and Hiro will miss her sexy body, is kinda perverted!

Of course, I’ll be missing this cute cosplaying teacher after this episode.

And finally, both Sae and Hiro will miss their cute tenants from Hidamari Apartments. At first, they’re too stubborn that they don’t want them to graduate (just like Azunyan from K-On!), but eventually they accept it.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that both of them will be gone forever though…

And so, it is the end of an era with Hidamari Sketch closing out in a spectacular fashion. I have to say, this series would be remembered for Ume Aoki’s character design, as well as its good cast of characters playing out.

And one more thing, it would become one of Houbunsha’s best works offered other than K-On! Kudos to SHAFT for making it possible since 2007. Until then, see ya… Yuno and company!

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