Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #24

Well Dio Bran- I mean, Amadeus… Yes, their tactics of revealing you Magius won’t work since you freakin’ control of all media. Too bad that someone would unveil you to the world and you might get killed.

For it was the president of ARUS, of all people, that revealed your true nature, Magius! But you what guys and girls, Führer Amadeus and the ARUS President should be killed. I want it to make it happen back in Ep. 13, and it wasn’t played out. Bastards!

So, it’s time for the final episode, and there is one last reveal before closing it out. The reason why the Council of 101 was created? Okay, you already know this that they’re controlling the world from the shadows.

But they’re doing it because they feared that humans might persecute them. You may call them monsters, demons, or whatever, but they’re doing it not because they’re evil or anything. Unfortunately, most humans won’t understand them so they just join a mob and kill the Magius. It’s gonna be a problem on realizing Haruto and L-Elf’s dream of co-existence. Heck, even Cain beforehand knows that co-existence between the Magius and humans won’t work, because they’re so stupid to understand his views!

But anyways, let’s get back to business where Cain shows how strong he is by simply beating Haruto, A-Drei…

…and eventually X-Eins, who bites the dust and is now joining H-Neun to purgatory. It’s sad that X-Eins adores Cain at first, but eventually he lost faith on him after Cain killed his best friend.

On the other hand, there’s much rejoicing that A-Drei “accidentally” killed Q-Vier where he supposed to blocked that shot and goes for a counter-attack. In the words of Ramba Ral, “In the middle of a battle, Q-Vier forgot to fight!”

Sorry Q-Vier, but your existence is an eyesore to everyone. You killed Aina and Yamada, so it’s time for you to die with a bloody bang!

With Q-Vier gone, it’s time for both Haruto and L-Elf to end Cain’s ambition. Of course, Haruto can’t do it by himself alone since he’s losing more of his memories.

So, let Haruto hijack L-Elf’s body and fight together as one. It’s a great idea since L-Elf can fight better than Haruto!

Of course, they still won’t beat Cain and his Valvrave II unless some shit happens in Valvrave I. In fact, it’ll take a lot of runes to kill this magnificent bastard.

Despite doing the right thing for the sake of the present world, it’s time for Cain to pass on and let others like Haruto and L-Elf do it for the sake of co-existence. Of course, there’s one saving grace for him, and it was his sacrifice that saves Plue’s life. Still don’t know why he’s involved on this where he doesn’t act much other than being the AI of Valvrave II.

As for Haruto, he did what he have to do for the future of both Magius and humans. Unfortunately, he would not see the light of it. In fact, his sacrifice become the catalyst for creating a homeland for both of them.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t help to the rest of humanity that their xenophobic attitude has launched an empire to protect themselves from extraterrestrials. I guess humanity is not yet ready to accept aliens as one of us. Maybe they’re just too paranoid because of social media.

But anyways, it’s the end of Valvrave. Sure, the only I like on this show was the fact that T.M.Revolution and Nana Mizuki collaborated for the opening themes. Heck, they’re going to Kohaku Uta Gassen together for goodness sake!

Other than the music, it’s above average that is typical of Sunrise previous shows unless it involves Gundam. The only complaint for Valvrave is what will happen next? Sure that humanity founded the Galactic Reich for the sake of defending themselves from alien threats, but what about the rest of Module 77? There is so many things left unanswered that I wish Sunrise would make an OVA out of it.

Nevertheless, it’s a good series to watch but don’t blame anyone on having some plot threads left hanging after watching the finale! Oh well, time for me to bid farewell to Haruto Tokushima. Maybe I should an obituary for him…

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    should put a spoiler alert before anything else.

    Great parody though XD

    The ending was (sort of) better than I had imagined. At least it wasn’t a complete train wreck.

    Slightly above average show. 7/10 for both seasons.

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