Kill La Kill Episodes #01 – #12

Stupid Sexy Aikuro!

For a man who plays Lockon Stratos, he sure live up to his fan nickname.

So anyways, I’ll be blogging Kill La Kill starting today. Now, I can blog this show without any hassle because this show is living up to its hype!

So without further ado, the story happened so far is that Ryuko Matoi goes to Honnouji Academy to find the killer of her father. Only Satsuki Kiryuuin knows who is that killer, but unfortunately she’s not easy to get into her.

Speaking of Satsuki, besides her plan of world domination and indirectly responsible for ordering Dr. Isshin Matoi’s assasination, she’s not just a ruler with an iron fist. If you take focus of her from the first 12 episodes, Satsuki cares for her top 4 subordinates despite being defeated by Ryuko, all while using her mother’s influence to set the nation straight and in control of it.

Speaking of her mother Mrs. Ragyo Kiryuuin, I think she’s gonna be important in later episodes. Although I’m not familiar with Gurren Lagann, but she’s similar to Lord Genome.

On the other hand, Ragyo is responsible for sending Nui Harime to Honnouji Academy so she can troll Ryuko into a roaring rampage. I have to say that Nui is one tough fighter who killed her father, but damn she’s a bitch for playing mind games!

Good thing Mako-chan saved Ryuko. Because if she wasn’t saved, it seems that Aikuro’s group Nudist Beach has no other choice but to kill her by any means. Good job Mako-chan, even though you’re annoying sometimes.

Anyways, I’ll continue blogging Kill La Kill next year, starting in Ep. 13! Until then, Ryuko needs a rest before returning to battle… ’cause she needs it the most if Ryuko needs to stop Satsuki’s plans.

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