Fall 2013: The end of the rest…

Guys and girls, it’s the end for Fall 2013. Since I took both Tokyo Ravens and Kill La Kill on the blog list, there’s no need to mention it.

Anyways, let’s see how these shows perform shall we? Although there’s one series that was finished recently, but I’ll get to that later…

01. Gundam Build Fighters

Let’s start with Gundam BF where Sei and Reiji are in the world championship. While I like how powerful the Build Strike Gundam has become, it seems that it’s becoming more serious if you pay attention to the PPSE chairman’s behavior. Maybe he knows something about Reiji that even Sei don’t know about it. Could it be that Reiji is all-fiction? Who knows.

On the other hand, I like how the chairman summon a 1/48 Mega Size Zaku, only to be destroyed by both Sei and Reiji, as well as their rivals such as Mao, Riccardo, and even Yuuki (disguised as Meister Kawaguchi)!

02. Nagi no Asukara

Next up is NagiAsu, where it’s building up to be a great series. Sure that it has a love triangle (or rather a pentagon for that matter), as well as tensions between humans living at sea and at land. But the biggest thing happened was the ceremony where instead of a wooden maiden as a sacrifice to the god of sea, it was Akari who becomes the main offering. That ceremony also counts as matrimony where Aka-chan will marry Miuna’s father Itaru.

However when both parties are going hand-in-hand, seems that Uroko-sama just act like a jerk and ruined it. Heck, he somewhat “accidentally” killed Kaname, but I’m not sure if he’s confirmed dead since his body is missing. But I’ll get to that on the next episode. For now, Uroko’s intrusion is a mistake in my opinion!

03. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Well, I have to say that despite having somewhat abysmal production, SekaTsuyo ended in an unexpected manner. You see, after having 66 losses and 3 wins, Sakura aims to the world as both idol and wrestler. And she wouldn’t done that if it wasn’t for Jackal Tojo and her best friend Elena.

Oh, and as for Elena? It was revealed that she started wrestling so she can bring back Sakura to Sweet Diva. But then again, since Sakura is doing double duty, why not Elena do the same. Sure that juggling both their idolling career and professional wrestling is tough, but both Sakura and Elena can do it! In any case, it was a good ending that is not compromising nor rushed for that matter.

Anyways, that’s the end for Fall 2013. Join me in 2014 as we move on to the last quarter for 2013 Anime Season! See you then!

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