Well if it isn’t Kaiki. I’m not sure if he learned his lesson though…

Also known as Hitagi End, it’s the final arc for Monogatari Series Second Season. As you may guessed, Kaiki-san has returned. But he’s not here to con people for pocket change…

In fact, Senjougahara called him for a mission: To deceive a certain person before their graduation. That’s right, she’s calling her worst enemy for help! Of course, it’s not like she’s cheating on Araragi-kun or anything. But why she wants to deceive someone?

It’s because of this girl. That’s right, it’s Nadeko-chan who became a snake god and caused her very own arc to end it badly. Y’know, killing Koyomi-oniichan and his harem even though it was a dream or something! Oh, and she drinks sake despite being in middle school.

But anyways, Kaiki takes the job because it’s easy to deceive a young girl like Nadeko-chan. Despite handing warning signs from Izuko Gaen (via Yotsugi), he continued it anyway (also taking Gaen’s money too) because he’s confident about it!

I hope he kept his word because…

…he was suddenly out-conned by Nadeko the Medusa. Actually, he was too confident that his deception didn’t work on her. Now, he’s bound by a sea of snakes. Good luck getting out to that but Kaiki isn’t going down yet…

In fact, he countered Nadeko-chan at last minute, saying that “You know what, you can be a good manga artist someday!” Thanks to that, she’s gone ballistic. Then again, it’s not like that she can kill Kaiki in a snap!

But why he said that to her perhaps? It’s because that after snooping around Nadeko’s closet back in Part 4 (or Ep. 23), Kaiki found out that she’s drawing manga. And it was good too!

With that said, Kaiki out-gambit Goddess Nadeko and turn her back to normal, saying that she should live with her dreams or whatever. On the other hand, seems that SHAFT doesn’t like close-up shots much on this episode. But anyways, it’s the end for Koimonogatari where Senjougahara can spend time with Araragi-kun without getting killed by a snake god.

As for the conman himself, looks like Kaiki got bitten in the dust by some random kid. Well, that’s sucks to him where he should leave the town early after the deed is done, but his previous misdeeds have sniped him back. On the other hand, damn this surprise ending caught me off-guard! Good job SHAFT, well done!

Anyways, that’s it for Monogatari Series Second Season… But then again, it seems that there’s still one more story left. Oh well, I’ll wait in 2014 even though it will be aired as a special.

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    You forgot to mention that Kaiki is Senjougahara’s ex-boyfriend.

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