Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #13

Well Riki, you’re sinking deeper and deeper with that narcolepsy of yours. In fact, you resemble Komari a lot…

…especially when your parents died and fell asleep to run away the pain. But don’t worry, this is the grand finale of Little Busters!

In fact, Rin is motivated to help you out on saving your friends! You don’t want to die while you’re sleeping…

So anyways, both of them decided to save all of the students and the bus driver whatever they can before the bus explodes.

Oh, and also the remaining members of the Little Busters. This includes Kyousuke, which he’s trying to block off the hole on the gasoline tank.

They managed to save all of them barely. But for Kyousuke, he’ll take a long time to recover his injuries. I mean, he’s holding the hole for like forever!

Eventually, he returned with a bang for the conclusion of this VN adaptation. You know, Kyousuke sure impress me after he went through hell and back!

And besides, he returned just the right time to see Riki, Rin, and his companions gather together one last time.

They’re going on a field trip, but no worries as there no one stopping them for living on and having fun forever!

And so, Little Busters! ~Refrain~ has ended as expected from a Key visual novel game: A happy ending where all ten of them living together as one team. Glad that J.C.Staff did an outstanding job from beginning to end!

Maybe someday, they’ll play baseball with the SSS from Angel Beats!, or even an all-star team from CLANNAD. That would be fun in the future!

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