Log Horizon Episodes #11 – #13

Well guys, Log Horizon needs a beach episode for those who want fanservice. And it’s all thanks to Marielle for making it possible, although she did it because she’s tired of doing menial tasks like documentation.

On the other hand, Shiroe, Akatsuki, and prominent members of the Round Table Conference are attending a party from the landers. BTW, no need to explain Henrietta’s behavior when it comes to Akatsuki. I mean, she came along just to see her!

Anyways, this is the third arc for Log Horizon. I have to blog three episodes containing this arc, but after this post I’ll eventually blogging this anime per episode.

So anyways, the representatives from the Round Table Conference are invited by Count Sergiatto Cowen, representing the Eastal League of Freedom Cities. This is vital because not only a dialogue between the People of the Land and the Adventurers will be established, but also gaining the understanding of what’s happening in Elder Tale.

Of course, it won’t be easy though as some landers have their own agenda, especially the nobles from the Maihama domain. While Shiroe, Krusty, and rest are busy spending time interacting the people there…

Marielle’s guild are hosting a training camp for novice players. It’s perfect for those who want to be like Nyanta or even Isaac from the Black Knights. Of course, there are a few adventurers that are all bark and no bite.

One example is Rundel Haus Code, a Level 23 Sorcerer who acts like Leeroy Jenkins. You know what Ruud, your class is not suitable for going solo.

In fact, sorcerers are good at providing coverage to party members… Unfortunately, Ruud doesn’t know what teamwork and coordination means. In short, Minori’s party is constantly running away from hordes of weaker enemies like goblins and skeletons.

See Ruud, you’re too pathetic to fight on your own. In fact, you’re no Kirito nor Lina Inverse for that matter! So if you want to be stronger, teamwork and communication are the keys to victory. Now, back to the Maihama domain…

…where Krusty is getting interested on Princess Raynesia for some reason. On the contrary, I think he’s having the same villain aura as Shiroe, which makes the princess very uncomfortable.

Princess Raynesia, people donning their glasses are acting like baddies, so I apologize to that!

Anyways, next week is gonna be interesting as it introduces Regan, the sage from Mirror Lake. Although I think that he could be a villain in the future.

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