WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #13

Woah Haruki, are you having sex already? You should have called Setsuna first before making out with Kazusa. C’mon, tell a white lie to her once!

BTW, it would be better if this episode is in AT-X. But no, because it Satelight’s decision to black out the naughty parts until the BDs comes in!

Yes, I have to say that it’s time for Kazusa Touma to leave Japan. Even though Haruki don’t want to see her go, he still want to see Kazusa one last time. Yet, it saddened him the most that he loves Kazusa more than Setsuna.

Speaking of Setsuna, I feel that she can’t win against her best friend. Good thing she didn’t bring her handy-dandy knife on the airport. Oh wait, she’s gonna get arrested if she bring that!

So anyways, Kazusa leaves while both Haruki and Setsuna has to know about the crying game they went through. On the other hand, what will Haruki do next? Continue dating Setsuna even though they might get hurt a lot? Only heaven knows with that answer.

Well, it was a roller-coaster ride with WHITE ALBUM 2. But you know what, I would be very happy if Satelight made a sequel of it! Until then, that’s the ending for you…

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3 Responses to WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #13

  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    humorous as always lol

  2. bunny1ov3r says:

    Why does so many people think White Album 2 is similar to School Days? I can’t see the similarity at all, except for the sex part.

    • benigmatica says:

      I don’t think White Album 2 is similar to School Days. Both of them are different, but WHITE ALBUM added the sex part for gratuitous purposes (and for BD sales).

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