Kill Me Baby OVA

Oh look, it’s Yasuna and she’s back after a long time. Oh yes, this is Kill Me Baby and she, together with Sonya, returned for one special episode.

And look, Sonya is back too! Although she’s still beating up Yasuna as usual…

So anyways, this special episode is bundled with the best album “Kill Me Baby Super”. But then again, it’s just a saving throw for J.C.Staff and Houbunsha if they want this series to have another season, which will not happen anytime soon…

In any case, this episode plays your usual boke-and-tsukkomi routine of Yasuna and Sonya, with Agiri joining in as a throw-in. But you know what, Ai Takabe (the voice of Agiri) should go back to showbiz as an actress, not a seiyuu!

Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering why the “unused character” didn’t appear on this episode? It’s because, they either can’t pay Kugyuu’s talent fees or they think that she’s not popular with the rest of the cast…

On the other hand, something tells me that the “unused character” is still there… Maybe she crying somewhere inside the girls’ bathroom I think.

But anyways, it’s time to move on to greener pastures with Kill Me Baby closing out. Oh yeah, and these girls are too damn late for Halloween. Maybe next year they’ll celebrate it together with Houkago Tea Time, or the tenants from Hidamari Apartments.

Then again, I don’t think Sonya is enjoying this one bit. Oh well, see ya Yasuna and Sonya!

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