To Aru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki

Hey guys and girls, it’s New Years’ Eve! And what a way to end 2013 is a certain Index film that expands its universe.

BTW, To Aru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki takes place before the Daihasei Festival Arc from the second season, so be mindful of spoilers if you’re new to this series. Although, I doubt that will happen!

NOTE: I might blog SAO: Extra Edition later after this post. Oh wait, that would air it tomorrow, so expect moar rage on that special in New Years Day!

So, let’s start with some cameo appearances of Mikoto-oneesama and her friends. Heck, even Saten is here instead of being a background character. Oh wait, where’s Kuroko anyway?

Oh, there she is… Although Biribiri won’t like her being clingy at any place at any time!

Speaking of Biribiri, Accelerator is getting his own spin-off. After all, he deserves to be the third protagonist, so congrats to him! Now moving on the main story.

Anyways, this movie is all about a girl named Arisa Meigo, who is gaining popularity to her music. At first, she’s just an ordinary Level 0 girl.

But over time, she’s more than just a singer. In fact, Arisa is involved with the Endymion space elevator, and she might have the power to topple the balance between science and magic using her miracles.

Another fact is that this young girl named Ladylee is using Arisa to destroy half of the world using her magic-imbued song, and commit suicide in the process. Well, it’s gonna be one hell of a movie!

Likewise, this film is pure fanservice for Index and Railgun fanatics out there. Although there is some slight nudity, Endymion no Kiseki puts both sides into action… and it was an awesome sight!

This movie wants you to see Stiyl gain a trio of girls and kick-ass, while putting aside their cameo appearances of both Misaka-chan and Accelerator by going back into action… Heck, even Kanzaki can breathe and fight in space. That’s right, IN SPACE! Damn, this movie is so fun to watch!

On the other hand, Endymion no Kiseki took some elements from Macross. Not the love triangle, but the singing portion where Arisa dance and sing like an idol should be, although the idol sequences reminds me of AKB0048.

I have a hunch that Satelight lend a hand to J.C.Staff on doing the CGI sequence, but then again they’re too busy doing shows by themselves. Regardless, Arisa’s sequences made an impact, but it didn’t overused it as emphasis for the entire film.

The bottom line is that this film is great to watch. You think that it’s just another episode with Touma and Index, right?

Maybe… But Endymion no Kiseki make it so special because of the returning cast of favorite characters, plus you can also add it to your RailDex collection. After all, the Index universe is so vast that it’s catching up with Slayers.

Anyways, that would be it for this Index film! Maybe in the future, I would see an Accelerator anime spin-off, as well as a third season of Index…

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