Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Well guys and girls, it’s time for ring the bell in 2014 with Sword Art Online: Extra Edition. Come to think of it, Suguha’s bust got an “extra” size at the end of Season 1!

Now if only A-1 Pictures will release it- Oh wait, that won’t do good if this show is ravaged by raging perverts! Hell, they don’t want SAO turn into Highschool DxD for goodness sake!

So anyways, this special episode takes place after the infamous ALO arc. Now, Kirito is doing quests in the new Alfheim, together with Asuna as well as their buddies which includes Suguha/Leafa.

In fact, Kirito is doing it because he wanted Yui-chan to see a whale up-close as a birthday present. Well, how sweet is that even though I’m not sure when is her birthday anyway!

Also, this special is full of flashbacks where you’ll see how Kirito went there and done that on both games. But you know what, the flashbacks are unnecessary ’cause everyone knows what happened in both arcs unless you’re new to this series.

Basically, this special gives you fanservice, but you have to watch the recap in order to “understand” the 1st Season.

Well guys and guys, it’s the end of Sword Art Online: Extra Edition! BTW, she’s riding Silica’s pet dragon Pina, in which the dragon is standing on top of the whale. That’s like you’re fighting an airplane inside of a bigger airplane! Man, I wish I could play Ninja Baseball Bat Man…

But you know what, there’s more SAO coming up this year… In fact, there’s a trailer for it that was released after this special.

So anyways, enjoy Kirito using a gun and a sword in Gun Gale Online! Of course, I don’t what will happen to Asuna and friends during Gun Gale… Who know, they’ll just make cameo appearances!

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