Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #01

Well everyone, looks like the student council officers from Ousai Academy are back! And damn, they finally got a proper sequel to this series!

Expect more sexual jokes, puns, or even “bleeped” words that you might encounter than the first season (plus the OVAs too!).

Oh, and BTW… Illicit relationship is allowed if you’re doing it for re-population. Then again, it’s so wrong to suggest that, right Shino-chan?

Anyways, it’s your usual episode where they re-introduce most of the characters (Well, except for a certain blue-haired guy with glasses named Kenji).

But the main event was a judo match between Toki and Mutsumi, although it’s more into MMA than pure judo. Heck, even Toki pulled a kick onto Mutsumi and almost got hit with it. You may thank GoHands for animating this scene…

…but as always, expect more sexual jokes from perverts like Nene and Kotomi-chan! Don’t worry though, Toki’s kick didn’t break her hymen badly, so it’s safe and she remains a virgin. Oh you two!

Anyways, the episode ends with Mutsumi defeating Toki. Now, the delinquent girl is part of the judo club. I hope she didn’t wear her gi inside-out!

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