Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Episode #01

Guys and girls, your “delusional” anime has returned for another season. And while it’s straying away from the original light novel source, it’s gonna be typical Rikka and Yuuta doing “middle school syndrome” together… all while making weird poses together with Nibutani, Dekomori, and Kumin-sempai!

Now adding Jojo poses ’cause it’s sexy and awesome!

But anyways, expect more “Vanishment… This world!” moments in this sequel. Oh, and except a rival to Rikka coming up in future episodes… I have a feeling that it might be Yuuta’s lost childhood friend, perhaps!

BTW, there’s a shout-out to Kill Me Baby from Mori Summer. Nice shout-out there, Chinatsu Akasaki!

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    need to start following the second season now.

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