Tokyo Ravens Episode #13

Oh you two, seems that you’re getting distant at each other. On the other hand, while Natsume has feelings for Herptora, it looks like she’s hiding herself as Hokuto, of all people!

But anyways, it’s time for Tokyo Ravens where onmyouji becomes mainstream…

…and makes every character into homo bait, like Kyouko who is exhibiting her lesbianism to Suzuka, of all jailbaits! Actually, Suzuka is not a jailbait, she’s a bitch in sheep’s clothing.

Speaking of Kyouko trying to get Suzuka into the yuri side, this unimportant character named Tenma Momoe is acting depressed because he doesn’t have the flair of a harem king from Kuoh Academy, nor the “baka” of a certain Fumizuki Academy student.

In fact, he becomes a bait to Douman’s scheme on stealing the Raven’s Coat, which was hidden inside the Onmyou Academy.

As for Douman, he’s already made his move…

…and he’s not alone for that matter. Looks like Hurrtora is going to get pretty messy when he faces the man from the Twin Horn Syndicate, and I knew that he’s more ominous than meets the eye!

Anyways, the next episode is gonna be a surprise attack at the Onmyou Academy. See you next week!

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