Strike the Blood Episode #13

Well Natsuki-chan, you look cute when you’re wearing a school uniform…

Heck, even your colleague likes it! Anyways, Strike the Blood is back and this show enters the second half.

For the fourth arc, Itogami Island is in full swing for a Halloween celebration, since it’s full of demons and whatnot. Of course, it attracts some people like the Meyer sisters, who returned to wreck havoc.

Also, there’s a speculation that their presence are causing dimensional distortion across the island which might played Natsuki’s disappearance on this episode, as well as having La Folia and Sayaka going to different places where the former supposed to go back to her kingdom after the third arc.

On the other hand, this arc introduces Kojou’s childhood friend Yuuma. She looks like a boy because she acted like one before.

Of course, I have a feeling that she’s more than just a childhood friend. In fact, I think Yuuma just kissed Kojou and switched bodies. Now Kojou is stuck in Yuuma’s body and vise versa. Maybe she’s causing those distortions in the first place.

Anyways, looks like Kojou has to find Yuuma before she unleashes his familiars. Oh, and he might go into manual labor with all those property damages!

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