Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #02

Today’s episode of Seitokai Yakuindomo will have a guest appearing from another school. Oh wait, you’re already know her if you’ve watched the OVAs, so I’ll get to that later!

But first, it’s Suzu-chan taking a rest at the nurse infirmary. Well, I have to say that doing complex calculations puts a toll for a small girl with an IQ of 180…

Then again, I don’t think pretending that you have sex with girls is appropriate. Oh Shino-chan… At least you’re holding a Pocky stick wrapped in paper. Smoking is bad inside the campus!

And there’s the guest for this episode. It’s Uomi-san from the OVA series, and she’s making her TV debut!

Other than pulling up sexual jokes, at least her words of wisdom could help Ousai Academy making it convenient for both male and female students. After all, Ousai is a co-ed high school!

Then again, I don’t think setting up “peeping tom” booths would be helpful on attracting sensitive boys like Tsuda-kun. Heck, it’s expensive and might run in with the police!

Oh yeah, speaking of Tsuda… Let’s think of him as a generic male protagonist from a visual novel, with no face to show and he has no voice. Just silence.

Anyways, on to the next episode. And BTW, nobody is blogging the second season at the moment!

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