Tokyo Ravens Episode #14

Oh look, it’s Douman and he and his minions wants to play with youngsters! Too bad that he can’t get himself in because of the barrier…

Oh wait, there’s Tenma, and Douman is using him to get past inside the barrier. At least Douman didn’t turn Tenma into an abomination or anything hideous!

Anyways, this is Douman and he wants get his hands of that elusive Raven’s Coat. Sure, he can do that in a snap while stalling- I mean, trolling young’uns into oblivion until they’re run out of magic. Sorry Bakatora, you’re useless on this fight!

At this point, he’s totally winning, yet he can’t find the wings that is the Raven’s Coat easily since the headmaster hid it somewhere.

Unless Ootomo-sensei decided to “Fuck my disability!” and save his students. Although he might be an ordinary teacher…

…Jin Ootomo is a former onmyoudo investigator, who can still kick ass by deceiving the enemy. Looks like Douman has out-gambit by a peg-legged instructor!

Anyways, Douman is defeated and his quest for gaining Yakou’s prized coat has end up in failure. I’m pretty sure that he overstayed his welcome on Earth. But then again, it’s not even over.

In fact, there are more enemies lurking around the capital! Y’know, I’m pretty sure that Hurrtora’s lolicon sempai is part of the Twin-Horn Syndicate. It’s been a fun ride while it lasts, but I still don’t know your name though!

Anyways, on to the next episode… BTW, seems that Douman is not the greatest and ominous villain after this fight. I’m truly disappointed on him!

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