Golden Time Episode #14

Y’know, I can dig with Kouko’s Cocos. Banri, I wish you were- Oh wait, he’ll get NTR’d!

So, Kouko-chan decides to ditch her vacation in Barcelona in favor of going to the beach and please Banri. You know that he’s not being assertive lately thanks to Old Banri, who wants to curse him just to be with Linda-sempai…

Speaking of Linda-sempai, she’s with Mitsuo… But I don’t think they’re actually dating ’cause if they do, expect a lightning strike, a hard drizzle, and gale winds from Banri’s ghost to separate them! Seriously Old Banri, cut the crap out of your past and rest in peace!

Anyways, on to the next episode… I hope Banri, Kouko, and their friends go to the beach together!

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