Wake Up, Girls! Episode #02

Little girls + two-piece bikini = potential raep!

So yep, I guess Sudo-san is being cheeky and decides to exploit girls by putting on raunchy swimwear, ’cause he claims that even I-1 does that in photo-shoots. Heck, it crosses the line when Miyu Okamoto is about to get molested by a stinky old guy! Ewww…

But anyways, Wake Up, Girls! is not just an idol anime shows where it has connection to Sendai, but it’s a deconstruction of the idol industry. I have to say, Yamakan ain’t sugarcoating on this one, and it’s a good thing despite having trouble in the production.

Speaking of troubled production, looks like President Tange is back after ditching Matsuda and the girls out in the movie.

Although I’m skeptical that she’ll leave them again and steal the money so she could gamble her way out, at least President Tange beat the shit out of Sudo for exploitation. Looks like the boss of Green Leaves is back!

As for Miyu, she’s back after recovering from that harassment. Oh, and she performed the first opening of Nyaruko-san in front of her maid cafe patrons!

Anyways, it seems that President Tange scored it big by putting them on a local TV station. Of course, there’s still I-1 to worry about… C’mon, they’re expanding to Sendai!

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