Log Horizon Episode #16

Hey guys, I’ll throw you two random adventurers trying to kill an army of mermen, while defending the newbies so to give you an impression that the world is in chaos.

In fact, it’s not just the mermen, but other monsters too which is led by the Goblin King! Oh, and they’re not only going to terrorize the newbies, but also plans to pillage the Eastal region. Not a good way to start your last day of training camp.

So anyways, it seems that Minori has no choice but to strike the enemy first before they attack them on the next episode. I have to say good job on Minori. She’s becoming the next Shiroe, although I wonder if wearing shiny scary glasses would look good on her.

BTW, since Shiroe spilled the beans on death penalties, it seems that the adventurers has to be careful if they don’t want to lose their memories. That happened to Krusty before, which is sad that he can’t remember how his cat look like.

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