Tokyo Ravens Episode #15

Herptora, here’s a tip for you… Study hard, you’ll get better!

After last week’s episode, it’s back to normal on Tokyo Ravens. Although there’s one problem, the Twin-Horn Syndicate is still at large so they’re trying to hunt down Natsume (or Harutora) while they still can.

Luckily, the Onmyou Agency is planning to wipe them down for good, but I doubt that it will happen soon since there are Twin-Horned moles within the Agency, waiting to sabotage them at any time!

Anyway, this episode introduces a new character named Takiko Souma. She claims that she’s a student in Onmyouji Academy, but I wouldn’t believe that since Takiko is hiding something… Heck, she might know the history of Yakou too, which I doubt that!

On the other hand, this episode finally gave this lolicon girl a name. Her name is Suzu, and she’s a alumni at the Onmyouji Academy. Meaning, she’s a former student there.

Oh, and there’s another information about her. Suzu was a former classmate of Jin Ootomo under the name of Ryou Saotome, so I have a feeling that she knows something that neither Jin nor her peers wouldn’t dare learn about it.

Still, she’s just a lolicon to me, caressing Kon’s fluffy tail and whatnot.

Anyways, looks like Reiji Kagami is going to “guard” Harutora and his friends on the next episode. For those who don’t know, Reiji is a jerk despite being a Divine General from the Onmyou Agency, so expect him kicking Touji or his pet familiar Shaver. Poor Shaver, he doesn’t deserved to be stomped!

In any case, Reiji doesn’t do good at all… Good luck putting him up, Hurrtora!

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