Kill La Kill Episode #15

This the CEO of the Takarada Conglomerate. As you can see, he’s emulating Seto Kaiba. Unlike Kaiba, he’s irrelevant, has an awful face, a whiny and shitty jerkass which lead Satsuki and her men to eliminate him. Heck, I don’t even care about knowing his name!

So, this week’s episode is Round 2 between Ryuko and Satsuki after the former got her last piece of Senketsu’s clothing puzzle back from the wielder of Junketsu.

The battle is a draw however, but Satsuki has the edge over Ryuko since she decimated every last inch of resistance from the Kansai region. With that being said, there’s a reason for Ryuko to join the Nudist Beach on the next episode, but kudos to Studio Trigger for making a bombastic action sequence for Ep. 15!

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