Log Horizon Episode #17

On this episode of Log Horizon, Minori’s plan is currently underway. So far, it’s successful against small patch of enemies, but I’m worried on whether her plan will work on a large scale. BTW, she’s wearing night vision contacts for this episode.

While Minori and her party, plus the summer camp trainers such as Naotsugu and Nyanta, are busy raiding the enemy…

The conference between the landers and the adventurers are heating up! You may thank Michitaka for putting fuel to the fire since he’s pissed on learning that he’ll lose memories when he die.

In fact, the reason for not having a mutual agreement in a middle of a crisis is because the Eastal lords have their own agenda. Heck, they want to have the advantage over the adventurers despite being weak to them in terms of strength, not to mention their mortality.

At this point, they’re not gonna agree on anything…

Luckily, there’s Raynesia who decided to stand up and help the adventurers, not because she overheard one of the lords’ private conversation, but it’s because they’re free, and not being young and wild like a certain song from Snopp Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

Yeah, that’s her reason why she chose to help the Round Table Conference. But kudos to her for being a brave woman instead of being a lazy coward. Good job there Raynesia, you knock Krusty’s socks off with your speech!

Now, Raynesia got kidnapped by Krusty and she’s being taken to Akihabara… Just kidding, she’s going to convince the adventurers on joining her cause on the next episode!

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