Strike the Blood Episode #15

With Yuuma being the perpetrator of distorting Itogami Island, as well as hijacking Kojou’s body, what about the Meyer sisters? Sure that they came here first than Yuuma and they still pose a threat.

Luckily, La Folia and Sayaka will deal both of them. Good lord!

Anyways, this is the concluding episode for this arc, which breaks the 4-episode arc mold. As for La Folia, she’s going back to her homeland after this. Man, I wish she would stay a bit longer…

So anyway, Kojou and Yukina have finally caught up with Yuuma. Unfortunately, there are two revelations that were revealed on this episode.

First of all, Yuuma was a test tube baby created by her mother Aya Tokoyogi, designed to free her just in case when something bad happened.

Second, the reason for Natsuki’s disappearance is because her current body is resided deep within the prison, served as a last-line of defense. So therefore, what Kojou and Yukina see is an astral representation of Natsuki-chan.

Regardless, Kojou is going to save both Natsuki and Yuuma. After all, this was his fight. Oh wait, it’s supposed to be both Yukina and Kojou’s fight since he’s borrowing Yukina’s sacred spear Schneewalzer.

Anyway, Yuuma is defeated and Kojou regained his body back. Well, at least he didn’t die since Schneewalzer can kill evil beings like vampires.

I guess it’s all’s well that ends well for this arc…

Nope, not quite what I’ve hope for. It seems that Aya doesn’t need her daughter anymore now that she killed Natsuki-chan!

Yes, she used her daughter as a decoy and stab Natsuki in the heart! Not a good way to end this arc. Not a good way…

Oh well, on to the next episode! *facepalm*

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