Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #04

Good thing Caesar’s forces didn’t intervene on this episode, since both Shingen and Nobunaga are tired after their duel ended in a draw.

Still, the fool of Owari has a long way to go before inheriting the title of Savior-King.

For now, Nobunaga has to marry Queen Himiko of the ancient Yamatai kingdom. For some reason, he seems to met Himiko before… But today, it’s Himiko’s destiny to be with her beloved, even though Nobunaga has Jeanne/Ranmaru at his side.

Oh yes, their wedding ceremony (actually, it was a betrothed ceremony) is the most lavish event thanks to Leonardo da Vinci. Heck, he even made holographic technology too! I have to say, what fabulous sorcery they made!

BTW, I have to say that this show will have 24 episodes that will end in June 2014. So, I’ll be moving Nobunaga: The Fool to the 2014 Anime Sesaon.

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