Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #04

Here’s Himematsu High School plotting a plan on beating…

…Yuuki “Tacos” Kataoka and make a first blood at the tournament. Sure, Yuuki is speculated to be the weakest link according to them.

However, they proven wrong as Yuuki swept Himematsu, as well as Eisui and Miyamori, with three straight winning hands as she is positioned in her favorite spot: The East Wind.

Oh, and she’s a dealer too so Yuuki gets a bonus before her streak was interrupted by a surprise counter-attack from Himematsu’s Suzu Ueshige. Well, that’s sad to hear that!

Oh yeah, I don’t want to forget Miyamori Girls’ High School. They might pull strings unexpectedly and surprised both Eisui and Kiyosumi in the middle of the match.

Here, Shiromi Kosegawa demonstrates her impregnable defense, while being careful of taking risky tiles.

And BTW, there’s Toyone Anetai making her appearance on this episode. Actually, she debuted in Ep. 1. But since I’m talking about Miyamori, I’ve decided to make an introduction on her.

Despite being the tallest player in the tournament (far taller than Jun Inoue from Ryuumonbuchi), I think Toyone could be a big threat to Saki in later episodes.

For now, the match continues on the next episode. And it looks like Komaki Jindai is making her move!

Let’s hope that Yuuki survive her onslaught next week…

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