Buddy Complex Episode #04

Well, it seems that Aoba decided to join the Liberty Alliance since he can’t go back home and see his family again. But, thanks to Hina’s appearance, he has a reason to fight and get her back!

Good thing the Vice-Captain didn’t assassinate him while visiting his hometown of Narashino.

Now that Aoba joined the army, the only thing that needs changing is Dio Weinberg. Sure that he acts like a soldier, but there’s a reason for it.

You see, he has family issues, especially with his father (Dio has no problem with his little sister) for which he’s influential and important on taking on Zogilia’s oppressive rule. As you may have guessed, his father doesn’t like his son to do battle.

But anyways, I hope Dio would get slapped on the face and be a man! As you may know, Brightslap turns wangsty kids into men of destiny!

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