Tokyo Ravens Episode #16

Hey Kagami, let me tell you something very important… You are an asshole since you don’t help them, and your familiar Shaver stinks because he’s sitting there and staring at their soul!

In any case, the hunt for Yakou fanatics has begun where Chief Amami conducts the operation on this episode.

And there he is, taking out remaining fanatics with his trusty-old Divine Fan! For a chief who look gullible, he’s not beating around the bush!

Oh, and he’s aware of Hirata’s action from behind the scenes. Even though Chief Amami trapped Hirata with a blizzard of fans, it seems that he was also out-tricked as he’s attacking an impostor the whole time.

Now I don’t know what Takiko Souma is doing there during the manhunt (as the fake Hirata), but I hope she’s valuable in finding out the Twin-Horned Syndicate and their true ambitions.

Of course, I don’t think the real Hirata would let Takiko spill the beans on their whereabouts. But let’s wait and see on the next episode!

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