Golden Time Episode #16

Well, good thing Banri stepped in the brakes just in time. Good thing you act fast, Ghost Banri! You’ll be gone right now as well as your friends!

As for Kouko, it seems that she got herself a “wake-up call”! Honestly, although I want to blame Ghost Banri for giving them bad luck last week, I think Banri and his friends are at fault for not paying attention at the road. In fact, they should have not drive in the first place.

Sadly, Kouko decides that it’s her responsibility so she blamed herself for falling asleep and almost crashed 2D-kun’s car into oblivion. Seriously Kouko, I know that you want to be an adult, but it’s not the end of the world like Banri leaving you!

On the other hand, Banri didn’t just leave like that (even though Kouko wanted to stay away from him). Sure that his ghost haunts him on going back to the past (and having an unrequited love with Linda-sempai), I think he realized that it’s not easy starting a new life after losing his previous one.

And y’know what, the only thing they need is true companionship. It’s not just being lovers, they need to comfort each other through hard times.

Oh, and just remember to do it privately! Y’know Mr. Kaga, even though you slapped your daughter like you never slapped before, you should at least have delicacy. What an asshole father you are, even though you’re not!

Anyways, I’m hoping that it’s back to normal on the next episode… If you’re drowsy, just sleep inside your car.

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