Magical Warfare Episode #04

You know Mui, about what Violet said earlier about your brother’s whereabouts? I think it’s a trap!

And now, sheyou fell for it! Well Mui, I think you should listen to your teacher, like telling you not to go outside by yourself. The Ghost Trailers want you!

But you know what, that Violet-sensei… I think she’s a spy for the Ghost Trailers!

Anyways, this is Mui’s brother named Tsuganashi Aiba. As you may know, he was brainwashed by the Ghost Trailers and he’s a powerful magician using the power of ice.

Even though he’s stronger than Takeshi, it seems that he countered his magic using his fire-imbued Twilight sword. Good thing Kazumi is there to help him. But then again, I think they’ll be punished for going outside unprepared!

Still, they’re miles away from Tsuganashi in terms of magic power (and control). So, if they want to protect Mui and take her brother back, they should study more instead of doing slice-of-life things. Oh well, to the next episode…

PS: If all else fails, just contact Kyubey and become magical girls (since the author wants to create a magical girl light novel series in the first place).

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