Kill La Kill Episode #16

Mako, let me tell you two pieces of information. One, Aikuro-sensei is an exhibitionist…

Two, he’s the sexiest leader of Nudist Beach! But anyways, Ryuko and Mako have officially joined Nudist Beach, but they won’t be running in their birthday suit!

So yes, the reason why Dr. Matoi created Nudist Beach is because the Life Fibers are actually aliens who wanted to use humanity to accelerate their evolution, and devour them like food when they’re fully matured.

For those who are familiar with Gurren Lagann, they might be the counterpart of Anti-Spirals. Then again, I believe that they resembled the Magius from Valvrave, except that there’s no secret council involved.

Another reason for creating Senketsu, Dr. Matoi realized that Ryuko is a perfect candidate for Senketsu, withstanding the strain from using Life Fibers regularly. So while he decides to use Ryuko to destroy Ragyo’s ambition, I think he didn’t realized about her daughter’s feelings until it was too late.

Anyways, that’s the reason why the Kiryuuin family are aiming for world domination, using the power of the Life Fibers. While Ragyo is doing for the sake of the Life Fibers, I think Satsuki might be skeptical. Although I think she’ll just get along with her mother’s plan after being revived by her mother.

Personally, the mother-daughter incest-laden skinship is okay, but it’s somewhat creepy since Ragyo is actually molesting her daughter out of ambition. Studio Trigger, you just have crossed the line, but it’s good even though it creeps me out a bit.

Oh well, on to the next episode… But it seems that Ryuko won’t be using Senketsu since she treats him as a friend, not a weapon. Not a good idea there!

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