Log Horizon Episode #18

And here’s Soujirou being the ladies’ man, whether if it’s a lander or an adventurer.

He’s also the guild master of the West Wind Brigade, but it seems that some of his members are getting jealous when Souji does his smooth-talking! In any case, this episode is going to be significant…

…’cause Princess Raynesia has motivated the adventurers into battle. And it wouldn’t be possible without Krusty and Shiroe’s help.

Oh yeah, and you may also thank the villain in glasses for giving the princess some skimpy Valkyrie armor. It’s very convenient when boosting their morale! Even Krusty agreed on her battle wear since Raynesia resembles his little sister.

Anyway, the reinforcements are heading to the Eastal League on the next episode. Oh, and I hope Rudy won’t just die in battle…

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