No-Rin Episode #04

This Nyaruko-san reference is brought you by GA Bunko, a proud member of SoftBank!

Creepy otaku aside, this episode will give you some insight on Yuka- I mean, Ringo Kinoshita. In fact, the reason she can’t smile is because that she is burned out as an idol. Which means, she’s sick and tired of meeting her fans’ expectations that Yuka lost her expression.

Oh wait, let me get to that… How come she can’t express her emotion when she suddenly act like a snarky bitch back in Ep. 2? Weird…

But anyways, looks like Kousaku and his friends has a reason to help her in upcoming episodes. They probably going to cure her through friendship, but I hope Ringo won’t bark them back!

Now then, let’s end this post with a Gundam reference (with a dash of Saint Seiya) between Wakada- I mean, Gaia and Kousaku!

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