Strike the Blood Episode #16

With the aftermath of last week’s episode, Aya Tokoyogi has escaped and she’s starting to wreck havoc across Itogami Island. And after that, the world!

But first, she needs to kill Natsuki-chan, where she escaped somewhere. Of course, Natsuki can’t use her powers because Aya sealed it! Oh, and she got her guardian back from her inferior daughter Yuuma. What a scumbag mother she is!

Speaking of Natsuki-chan, she’s being taken care of by Asagi. And you know what, Natsuki-chan is even cuter than before! Too bad that Asagi is in danger since she’s guarding the witch of the void.

On the other hand, this episode introduces Kojou and Nagisa’s mother named Mimori Akatsuki. She is a magic physician and she knows about Yuuma’s body, let alone touching her breasts since she’s a physician after all!

By the way, Mimori is aware that Nagisa has one of Avrora’s familiar stuck inside her body which attacked Vatler after the seal is broken. But not for her son though since Kojou is trying hard hiding his vampiric identity to Mrs. Akatsuki. I bet that Mimori would dissect and experiment Kojou if she finds out.

Anyway, on to the next episode… Just hoping that Kojou is a-okay to punch the hell out of Aya’s delusions! Right now, he’s injured thanks to Yukina’s spear.

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