Wake Up, Girls! Episode #04

Today’s episode puts another milestone on Wake Up, Girls! They’re reaching Sendai through radio, although they’ll only have a 1-minute segment. Gee President Junko Tange, you’re so stingy!

Still, at least she called Anna and Karina on making another song. Just to let you know, they’re good friends with President Tange.

On the other hand, this episodes explores more about Mayu Shimada’s time with the I-1 Club…

Or rather, having those shady reporters from a gossip magazine rubbing salt on her emotional wounds, like being accused of meeting a male stranger. Damn, they can’t catch a break!

While on the subject of I-1 Club, it seems that they’re preparing for a Sendai invasion. And look, Mayu’s friend Shiho has arrived.

Then again, it seems that they act like an army where the weeds were taken out while they bring fresh new meat to the ranks. I have to say, this AKB48-expy puts a darker twist on how things done within an idol group.

Anyways, on to the next episode… But I’m worried that this series will be cancelled with Yamakan worrying about his production staff.

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