Little Busters! EX Episode #01

Let’s see… Little Busters! + a dash of Angel Beats! = An episode where Yuri Nakamura reincarnated as Saya Tokido on this special OVA.

And that’s the first episode of this brand-new series called Little Busters! EX. Now then, let’s get started!

So yes, this first episode (and the next one) covers Saya Tokido, a secret agent whose mission is to find a revolutionary treasure while fighting against what appeared to be the remains of Shadow from Angel Beats!

Personally, I have a feeling that the world between Angel Beats! and Little Busters! have merged into one. That’s my theory since Key did both series, with the former gaining a visual novel adaptation. Oh yes, and Harumi Sakurai is voicing both Yurippe and Saya-chan, although she did it first on the latter before becoming famous in Angel Beats.

Anyway, since this is an OVA series, it’ll take a long time for the next episode to be released. Until then, I’ll see Riki’s adventure with Saya in some other time!

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