Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #05

“Veni, vidi, vici”

Looks like Julius Caesar have finally arrived at the Star of the East, and it seems that he has a liking on Nobunaga’s sister Ichihime. I have a feeling that he has traces of Mykage from Aquarion EVOL since he wanted to get his unrequited lover by any means, or so I thought.

Of course, he’s a rude and opportunistic man to barge in during a siege in Oda’s castle. Good thing he didn’t intervene last week, it would leave a bad taste on my mouth!

Meanwhile, Nobuhide is trying his best to defend his domain from Takeda’s forces, as well as Julius Caesar from grabbing his daughter.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he try while manning his outdated War Armor, Nobuhide has fallen in battle… You know, he should have believe in Nobunaga’s tenacity and bravery, but his traditional way of leadership has costs his life!

Anyway, looks like Nobuhide’s death has angered the fool of Owari. And I gotta say that he’s scary when enraged!

In any case, he’s going to change the Owari domain into a force to be reckoned. Of course, Nobunaga needs to convince everyone that he’s worthy as the new leader of the Oda clan so it’s going to be a wild ride next week!

BTW, I’m hoping that Jeanne/Ranmaru don’t pick one of Leonardo da Vinci’s tarot cards that has a bad omen written on it. It’s getting worse and worse every episode…

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