Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #05

It’s inevitable, Komaki Jindai just made a comeback from last to 2nd place with a mistake play by Kiyosumi’s Yuuki. Looks like she needs to eat more tacos before facing the monstrous vanguard from Eisui. Then again, it’s not enough…

Moving on to the second players’ match. Now with Miyamori Girls’ High School taking the lead, it’s time to send Aislinn Wishart and make a bigger gap between her team and the rest.

While she doesn’t have any flashy moves nor strategy from other players, this exchange student from New-Zealand can create outcomes in her favor, as if she’s drawing a picture from her dream.

Unfortunately, this won’t work when you have unpredictable players. Although Mako can be predictable at times since she has photographic memory, it seems that her collection of countless plays have paid off and ruin Aislinn’s game.

With that, Mako have made her team back into first place. Although it’s not over yet as the tournament continues on the next episode. Will Himematsu make a comeback? Who knows…

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