Buddy Complex Episode #05

Now that Aoba has joined the Alliance, he needs to adjust his lifestyle as a soldier… by cleaning the whole ship while peeling off potatoes.

Well, that is nothing compared to chasing Hina. I mean, he wanted to see her again but she couldn’t because she’s an enemy!

On the other hand, Dio is starting to open up with Aoba thanks to Fiona. Even though Dio’s sister forgive him since he tried to save her and their mother, Dio’s father won’t accept it just yet.

But here’s a thing, Dio couldn’t save both of them because he was ordered to retreat since the Zogilian forces overwhelmed them at that time, so it’s not his fault and shit happens in the battlefield. Yeah, Dio’s father needs to think again on this one!

Anyway, it seems that the Cygnus crew are on a wild chase against Alfried Gallant’s squad. Well, they’re doing it every time since Episode 1. They don’t want their secrets exposed to the enemy since Gallant’s squad is already dominating against them!

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