Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #05

Before starting this post for Ep. 5, did you see that bald guy over there? That’s the advisor of the Judo Club, Daimon-sensei. Well, he appeared on Ep. 3 before.

Speaking of the Judo Club, they’re preparing for the inter-high tournament like any other sports anime, except that Seitokai Yakuindomo is not a sports anime.

Here, they’re taking a break after a 10 kilometer marathon when a stray cat nabbed one of the member’s towel and ran away. Naturally, the Judo Club are chasing them but they can’t grab it when the cat is on a tree unfortunately.

Good thing Aria come up an idea by dressing up as a cat girl. Naturally, she wears her nekomimi band but as for the tail… I wonder if she plug it to her anus, or did she wear a special chastity belt with a cat tail on it?

But it doesn’t matter as Aria charmed the stray cat to safety and take care of it. BTW, if this stray cat is a male and has a family, would it be considered cheating? You decide…

Anyways, the Judo Club are off to the inter-high tournament! Of course, they can’t leave Ousai Academy without a cheering squad.

Oh, and Hata-san too! Then again, I think she’ll be banned since she’s going to get shutter chances on panty shots, nipple slips, and whatever erotic she will fill!

Seriously, no wonder she doesn’t have any members on her club!

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