Tokyo Ravens Episode #17

Well, that escalated quickly. Looks like Shaver is useful since he killed a Yakou fanatic (or supposed to be one), but unfortunately his usefulness has ended and becomes an uncontrollable psychopathic familiar, hellbent on killing everyone including Natsume.

Seriously Reiji, you shouldn’t bring him to the campus or anywhere!

As for Natsume, she’s okay but she lost her cover now that Natsume is revealed to be a girl to everyone.

Sorry Kyouko, but you confessed to the wrong person. Maybe you made a promise to Harutora back when you’re still a little girl.

Speaking of Harutora, it seems that he becomes a badass instead of being dumb on this episode.

Unlike last time where he stand there doing nothing, he learned Ootomo-sensei’s techniques a little and apply it to destroy Shaver once and for all.

Sorry Shaver, but you overstayed your welcome! Now that Reiji’s troublesome familiar is gone, it seems that Harutora will be the next target for those Yakou fanatics.

Of course, they won’t even notice him anyway. They still going to grab Natsume since she’s the reincarnated Yakou to their eyes. Heck, even the Kurahashi clan, as well as Takiko Souma, are making their move on Natsume. For crying out loud, they can’t take her a break or something!

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