Golden Time Episode #17

Looks like Kouko is back after her solitary confinement last week. Now, she’s staying at Oka-chan’s new crib since she’s helping her ultrasound friend unpack things, even though she intended not to help her in the first place.

What’s your logic there, Kouko?

On the other hand, Banri decides to go back home to Shizuoka because Linda-sempai and Kouko-chan said so, like facing your past and accepting who he was.

But you know what, I have a feeling that returning to Shizuoka will bring him more pain and suffering. And I have a feeling that Mitsuo will be involved on Banri’s forgotten past since he’s the last one to know about it, thanks to 2D-kun who happened to hear about his story back in Ep. 3.

In any case, let’s wait and see next week!

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