Kill La Kill Episode #17

Well, it seems that Ryuko and Tsumugu decided to join forces instead of killing each other. Oh wait, it’s thanks to Mako-chan and her words of wisdom… Yeah, that explains it!

BTW Aikuro-sensei, the way you put your blade is kinda symbolic!

But anyways, Ragyo (in her ridiculous hairdo) has appeared and tell the world her grand scheme. That is, assimilating every single human being to the abomination that are Life Fibers.

Yeah, that includes Mako’s parents and her pet dog Guts. Good thing Mataro sell that Life Fiber-laden clothing, or else he’ll be joining them!

But the biggest shocker (Of course, it was expected to happen) is that Satsuki decides to rebel her mother. Now, it seems that Ryuko and her pals are caught off-guard on this surprise!

Oh, and Ragyo can’t die easily since she might be immortal like Magius from Valvrave. Man, why I’m comparing Kill La Kill to that mecha anime show?

In any case, this shocking event continues next week!

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