Magical Warfare Episode #05

Okay Violet-sensei, I know that you’re part of the Ghost Trailers, but you’re starting to get fascinated on Takeshi and his Twilight Sword. Sorry to tell you this but you won’t steal his sword, nor his virginity!

But in any case, this episode is all about Takeshi and his friends taking their exams before the winter break. Unfortunately, Violet-sensei interrupted their exam because she wants to test further on our protagonist. Gee Violet, some cheeky spy/teacher you are!

On the other hand, Takeshi’s brother Gekkou is transferring to Subaru Magic Academy. I wonder where did he get magic? Oh wait, I know where Gekkou attained magic.

It was those guys from Ghost Trailers, that’s what. Well, I knew that it’s gonna happen and he wants Kurumi so badly… Good luck there, Gekkou! Then again, I think you’re not gonna win ’cause your brother will NTR you!

Finally, it seems that this guy from Ep. 1 has re-appeared. His name is Takao Oigami, and he doesn’t remember anything after he’s defeated in the first episode.

But then again, I don’t like this guy ’cause he maybe a former Trailer, but looks like a jerk. Word of advise… Stay away from Kurumi if don’t want to get beaten again by Takeshi!

Anyways, on to the next episode…

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