Sakura Trick Episode #05

Uh-oh, looks like Mitsuki have made her move! Could it be…

…that she’s doing what it takes to grab Yuu-chan away from Haruka!? No, I don’t want that! In fact, it’s all in Haruka’s head so it could be misunderstanding on her part!

But you know what, the only thing that will solve anything is a threesome yuri glomping! That way, there’s no need for misunderstanding.

Oh, and you don’t need to hide your feelings when you’re kissing someone else that you know. BTW, they’re doing a Snow White play so expect this climatic scene to happen.

Of course, it won’t have actual kissing since they’re doing a speech-only play. What, but that would be boring!

Anyways, more yuri antics next week…

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