Strike the Blood Episode #17

Well Yukina, you’re pretty much in spirit for Halloween! Of course, Kojou’s mother help you dress up as a nurse, even though you’re assisting Mimori-san regarding Yuuma’s recovery.

Speaking of Yuuma, her health is stabilized but she’s at risk since her asshole mother might end Yuuma’s life by completely yanking her familiar away, severing its connections in the process.

BTW, Kojou is a-okay after he’s fainted in Ep. 16. Just a couple of pizza slices and he’s ready to go!

So anyway, Asagi and Natsuki-chan are on the run since they’re in danger of being caught and killed by Aya’s inmate allies (if she acknowledge them that is).

Good thing Vatler save both of them, but he’s just passing through ’cause Vatler is easily bored, even though he got owned by one of Avrora’s familiars last week.

On the other hand, Aya is doing her grandest scheme yet… by re-creating the Dark Oath Grimoire using Saikai Academy as a catalyst. Really Aya, turning a random school into a book of mass destruction is such absurd and very insane!

You know what, you’ll be defeated on the next episode… I hope your illusions got shattered by Kojou!

Speaking of Kojou, Asagi will join him even though she’ll be in danger! BTW, good thing Aya didn’t use Kojou’s school Ayami Academy into a grimoire catalyst. That would definitely have more reasons to kill Aya if she does that!

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