Wake Up, Girls! Episode #05

NOTE: Don’t complain if this show has low-quality animation!

Today’s episode is the invasion of the I-1 Club in Sendai. And I have to say, they completely devastated Wake Up, Girls! Well, it’s a given since they’re starting up.

Besides the fact that I-1 Club is the biggest idol group ever on this anime, even they started somewhere as a no-name musical act.

So with I-1 Club in their home turf, Wake Up, Girls are in an underdog situation. Besides the differences in marketing, fanbase, and talent, WUG could be destroyed by shady means like buying out the girls and stuff. I have to say that there’s no fair play in the world of idols.

Now then, it’s on to the next episode. I have to say “good luck” to Mayushi and her friends. Remember, enjoy being “like idols” again!

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