Log Horizon Episode #19

Thanks to Raynesia’s rousing speech, the adventurers from Akihabara are fully mobilized to surround the Goblin Army and destroy them in a single swoop!

Naturally, this makes Krusty very happy on killing every single enemy in sight! Still, they’re defending the main front of Eastal.

On the other hand, the newbies are still holding the enemy out in Choushi area. Reinforcements will arrive on that area, but it’ll take a long time to send the adventurers out and fight.

Things got worse as Minori’s party encountered a stronger enemy. Oh, and factor in the bad weather too as they’re overwhelmed by two dire wolves and a party of hobgoblins.

Now at this point, if Tohya died on this fight, Minori’s party will be killed in no time. Other than losing their memories, it’s gonna be a big blow on this operation. Unless, someone decided to go reckless and save everyone…

And that my friend is how Rundel Haus Code decided to distract the enemy and sacrifice himself in the process. He knows the risks given that he’s a lander posing as an adventurer, and his sacrifice was the most unexpected event on this episode.

I have to say, rest in peace Rudy. Your sacrifice didn’t end in vain!

Of course, it’s not the end for Rudy yet. Maybe, just maybe… There might be another way to fully revive him. I’m sure that Shiroe can do something about that on the next episode.

Don’t worry Isuzu, there’s still hope…

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