Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #06

Shouting in the wind while dousing will not make you stronger, Nobunaga!

But hey, at least you give the ladies some fanservice! C’mon Jeanne/Ranmaru, he’s sexy when he’s angry!

BTW, she picked a good tarot card today so there’s nothing bad will happen on this episode… or is it?

In fact, there’s still a feud between the supporters of both Nobunaga and Nobukatsu with the latter gaining more and more. Well, blame Nobunaga for being a brash twit who ruined his father’s funeral!

Of course, Nobukatsu would be a great leader if he’s living in an era of peace. But not this time as he’s too gentle to lead an army…

And so, Mitsuhide decides to assassinate Nobukatsu so only Nobunaga will lead the clan. Of course, his actions will have regrets for the rest of his life.

As for Nobunaga himself, he was saved by Himiko, of all people. For a little girl who wants to be his wife, it’s too damn soon for her to die! Why Satelight, why did you kill her!?

Now then, looks like the supporters of Nobukatsu will be in shock to see their apparent heir died on the next episode!

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