Buddy Complex Episode #06

On this episode of Buddy Complex, a new character is introduced! His name is Fromm Vantarhei, and he’s a former classmate of Dio Weinberg.

He’s also a new member to the Cygnus crew, but first he has to do a promotional video with his buddy Dio. And by the way, Fromm can do a “Nice Coupling” with Aoba which is why Dio is kinda jealous where he can’t do a Coupling with his former classmate. I guess that he’s not opening up enough!

On the other hand, Alfried Gallant’s squad will take a break for the time being. Instead, the Great Zogilian Empire will send their Imperial Guard to do the dirty work. Good thing that they’re stalling the Cygnus crew to their doom, but it’s gonna be a question of how long their success will last on the next episode.

Oh, and one more thing, I’m disappointed that Vice Captain Lene Kleinbeck didn’t wear a bikini!

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